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An enabling Technology is defined as ‘Equipment and/or methodology that, alone or in combination with associated technologies, provides the means to generate giant leaps in performance and capabilities of the user.’ (Source: Business Dictionary)

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Cloud first

We help clients to adopt the several cloud practices, like native cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi cloud. Our team has many years of experience and knows all the good practices.

Zero trust

Zero trust is more then just a new buzz-word. Zero trust is a cornerstone in every modern workplace approach. And for us, zero trust is part of our DNA!

Continuous Consulting

For us, consulting is’t a one time engagement! We have long term relationships with our clients and provide continuous consulting services to help your business to stay up to date.

We enable Technology

Most organisations already have great technology components in use, we show our clients how to get the most out of it and/or how to adopt new technology components. We do not sell you services or products, we help our clients to get great things done or to get new data bricks to life.


We help customers to adopt new technology and/or integrate new components into existing technology. The cornerstone is consulting, therefore we provide continuous consulting services.


Get things done! We help you to achieve your and keep your projects in time and budget. Our good practice approaches and blueprints are market proof and help you to keep your time to market goals.


We deliver ready to use solutions, based on long term experience and good practice patterns. A solid planning is a key building block for every successful project.

Operations support

Sometimes even the best support organisations needs help! Keeping up with the ‘speed of cloud’ can be a challenge. We help you to mitigate these pain points.

Want to adopt new features?

You want to adopt new features? You want to improve your existing infrastructure? Your operations team is drowning in bug reports and tickets?

We are here to help

Our Services

Native Cloud

Adopt a new public cloud service can be a challenge. Our good practice blueprints and long term experience can help you to mitigate the challenges of native cloud adoption!

Hybrid Cloud

You want to connect your existing systems to a cloud service? You have concerns when it comes to security in an hybrid cloud scenario? We help you to get a secure and solid hybrid cloud solution!


Security is the cornerstone of modern workplace projects and a key component of all cloud solution. We think security first and as a continues process!

Software Development

We don’t sell software! We build software! One of the main reasons why we started our business: Deliver tailored made software solutions if nothing else fits.

Identity Management

One of the biggest challenges in the modern work era and the cloud bound world: Identity Management or IDM! And Identity Management is so much more then just on- and off-boarding of identities.


A solid network is the key for most modern technologies. You need a fast, reliable, and fully managed network the most out of every cloud or unified communications project!

Our Skills

We’ve skilled in wide range of technology.

Modern projects and IT environment are complex and to stay up to date can be a huge challenge. We deliver good practice blueprints based on a solid skillset in a wide range of technologies. Everyone expect that we say we know everything and that we are the best in our niche. Everyone with a slogan like this is overdoing!

  • 01- Native cloud solutions

  • 02- Hybrid cloud solutions

  • 03- Software Development

  • 04- Automation and scripting

  • 05- IT Security

Prof. Dr. h.c. Michael Ruiss

Prof. Dr. h.c. Michael Ruiss

May 5, 2021

Using modern IT infrastructure with maximum possible efficiency presents companies with major challenges. enaTec (enabling Technology) perfected our existing Office 365 environment and implemented all projects to our complete satisfaction, from complex migrations to the introduction of new features. We gladly continue to benefit from the consulting and comprehensive expertise.

Christopher Pope

Christopher Pope

March 5, 2021

From March 2020 until today, Joerg Hochwald has actively supported us with his expertise in the Office 365 environment. During this period, migrations from various companies to our own company tenant were pending. Here the cooperation of Mr. Hochwald has contributed significantly to the success, we have benefited from his great Powershell and Office 365 expertise. Mr. Hochwald has been extremely reliable, competent and committed to achieve the goals. ‘There is no such thing as impossible, it just takes a little longer’ is how you could describe Mr. Hochwald’s way of working.

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Since Monday, November 21st, we have a new office mainline: +49 69 244377020. We decided to switch from an external PBX solution, that was connected to Microsoft Teams, to a native Microsoft based solution.

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Reminder: Skype for Business Online retires July 31, 2021

As a quick reminder: As we approach the retirement of Skype for Business Online, we want to take a moment to appreciate the efforts organizations are making to complete their transitions to Teams prior to July 31, 2021, as well as those who have already upgraded to Teams.

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